SPICED ORANGE CHOCOLATE MARTINI (dairy free / vegan friendly)

This creation came from an Instagram challenge invite by a fellow cocktail enthusiast & Master Cocktail Artist @servedbysoberon who wanted to throw a celebration for his homeland Belgium’s, National Day, wanting all invitees to draw inspiration from the great treats that Belgium has to offer.  I have had the pleasure of visiting this wonderful country on a few occasions and have grown to love some of their delicacies such as beer, waffles, choccy, fries, and a great range of gins!!  So this was my attempt to demonstrate and capture some of my favourite delights… chocolate an obvious choice & Speculoo Biscuits (a nice mixed spice warming flavour) combined with my favourite spirit gin, so I thought a nice strong martini would work well!!

The following concoction is what I came up with….

Put the following into your cocktail shaker:

– 1 Shot of Gin (I used 1836 Gin from Belgium – any citrusy gin will work)
– 3 double shots of Chocolate Unsweetened Almond Milk (I made mine myself with unsweetened almond milk mixed with a vegan chocolate liquid sauce, but shop bought will be fine or any other type of chocolate milk, dairy or non dairy depending on preference)
– 1 Shot of Cointreau
– Squeeze of Fresh Orange Juice
– Lots of Ice

Other Ingredients Required

-Ex dark chocolate (or milk if you prefer) : finely grate
– Mixed Spice Powder
-Orange Zest
-Small amount of sugar syrup poured onto plate


Martini Glass Prep

-Mix the grated chocolate and spices together on a place
-Coat the rim of the glass in sugar syrup then roll in above mix

Now all prep is complete…. Shake shake shake and strain into the martini glass and top with dark chocolate shavings, mixed spice and orange zest.


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