Who wants to join me for a refreshing White Lady?? Nice fresh, citrusy flavours!

For this cocktail I used my Craft Gin Club bottle which brings you on a danish adventure introducing ELG Premium Gin who have 5 Gins in their range, ranging from No. 0 to No.4

No. 0 – the original Gin recipe from master distiller in 2015

No.1 – classic

No. 2 – an old tom

No. 3 – a navy strength

No. 4 – this gin has extracts of purple  carrot

This No.1 Classic Gin has only 3 botanicals, being juniper, coriander seeds and carrots 🥕 (yes carrots)!! This is a very juniper forward Gin, the welcoming juniper scent hits you once you take that cork off.. with undertones of the sweet, earthy carrot coming through! 


This gin is perfect in a white lady with the sweetness from the carrots blending well with the zingyness from the fresh lemon and Cointreau 🍋 🍊 🥕 but this being a classic gin the juniper taste really shines through!

White Lady

45ml Gin

25ml Cointreau

30ml Fresh Lemon Juice

15ml Sugar Syrup

Egg white

Lots of ice

Put the above into your shaker, shake shake shake until the outside of shaker has that nice frosty condensation… initially strain liquid out into a spare glass, remove the ice and return the liquid back to the shaker and give it another good old dry shake… grab a chilled cocktail glass and strain the liquid.  Top with some fresh lemon zest and hey presto you have yourself a delicious Danish White Lady!


Another recommended serve if you fancy a good old fashioned G&T is:


– 50ml ELG No. 1 Gin

– 100 to 120ml Indian Tonic

1. Add gin in a large glass with lots of ice

2. Slowly pour over Tonic

3. Garnish with a lemon wheel org lemon zest


Whatever the serve just enjoy, and experiment! 🙂









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