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Rose Tinted ‘Gin’ Glasses

Marks & Spencer’s you have done it again with this little gem of a bottle, I introduce you to Marks & Spencer’s No.3 Floral Gin which is fresh, floral and damn right tasty!! Teaming up with The Old Curiosity (an Edinburgh based Distillery) Marks & Spencer’s released this onto their shelves in spring time and the bottle is now a regular member of their gin family now.  When first released this was like gold dust, bagging yourself a bottle was almost impossible; once a bottle was stocked on shelf somebody was waiting to pounce and nab themselves a treat (this wasn’t me at all….)  Along with No.3 Floral Gin another bottle was also released, it was No.4 Aromatic, which will be reviewed another day (but a great gin also!).

But back to  good old No.2, this rose flavoured gin is made from using the Apothecary Rose (one of the oldest varieties of rose), these roses have been hand picked from a ‘Secret Herb Garden’ adding to its allure.  Another fun addition to the gin is it’s colour, when poured in the glass it gives off a wonderful pale gold hue, and then once you add your selected tonic you can watch your libation transform in front of your eyes, transforming from this pale gold to a pink.


Recommended Serve 

  • Plain Tonic
  • Lime Zest
  • Lots of ice


Ginphoria Serve 


  • Elder-flower Tonic Water
  • Thin Cucumber Slices
  • Lots of Ice


My serve compliments the rose perfectly and the cucumber adds a nice freshness to the drink, tastes of summer in a glass… now I know we are well and truly out of the glorious summer months and into the crisp autumn period (which i love!!) but this tipple will bring some brightness to a dark, cold autumnal evening.  This gin is truly delicious and love the fact that it tastes like one of my favourite things… TURKISH DELIGHT!!!  This will not be for everyone because it is floral (as it says on the tin) but definitely give it a chance and for those who love rose flavoured things go out and get yourself a bottle immediately!!! This will definitely be experimented with as I think it will be a  perfect gin to throw in to a few cocktail concoctions!!  Cannot wait to see what Marks & Spencer’s launch next 🙂



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