Gin Nerd is the title I have been bestowed by my family, friends and anyone who really knows me!  Once I hear that magical three letter word being uttered my gin senses tingle and I track down the poor individual to engage in what I like to call “ginversation”. Gin is my passion! I love reading, talking and learning about it! I loved gin before it was the “in thing” but I am relishing in its popularity as it gives me the chance to talk to other enthusiasts, convert the non-believers and enhance my own knowledge.

Essentially I am an Irish gin enthusiast (somewhat of an understatement) my ambition is to collect a gin library trying to scavenge bottles from every corner of the globe.  My biggest hobbies currently in my life are travelling to as many places around the world as possible and learning as much about gin as I can, it’ll be fun trying them too 😛

I want to take fellow gin fanatics with me on my gin journey; I hope to blog about all my “ginxperiences” and I hope I can share some interesting and tasty stories with you, and I also hope I can learn from anyone who wants to teach me, I hope you enjoy!

Gin Nerd – a title I wear with pride!!